Company Information

Established in 1947, by the late Ray Bockman, Rayco evolved from a manufacturer of cutting tools for the defense industry, during W.W.II, to the present position of manufacturers of Rayco processed cutting tools, gages and orthopedic instruments.  High speed steel hardened by the Rayco Process is superior to steel hardened by any other method.  Rayco Processing is neither a surface treatment nor a coating.  It develops uniform hardness throughout the steel.  Through the Rayco Process an unusually fine, tough structure is obtained at high hardness.  This strength and fine structure can only be approached in conventional heat treating by holding the hardness very low, which naturally lowers the wear resistance and red hardness.  The Rayco Process brings out the best edge strength, wear resistance and red hardness properties in any high speed steel.

Actual Results are dependent on the work conditions, but typical tool life of Rayco Processed tools is several times that of conventionally heat treated tools.